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Core Competence


We will explain our core technology and originality.


Germ-Free Artificial Soil (Crystal Grain)


The natural mineral granules, which are the main component, are impregnated with the nutrients necessary for plants.
All materials, including fertilizers, are composed of inorganic substances. We have achieved "sterile" by not using any organic matter.

Can be used sustainably.


The natural minerals that form the basis of the sterile artificial culture soil have a skeletal structure, are sturdy, and are resistant to pulverization. Diamonds do not break because they have a strong skeleton structure. The natural minerals used have pores and can be impregnated with fertilizer.

Mechanism of plant’s nutrition supply from Crystal grain


When the Germ-Free Artificial Soil impregnated with natural mineral pores is watered, a certain amount of fertilizer is eluted, and the plant absorbs the eluted fertilizer into the body through the roots.


Clean and stable cultivation with few failures.


General culture soil



Crystal Grain


Sprinkle general culture soil on an agar medium and incubate at 36°C for 24 hours, and a large number of fungal colonies and molds will appear. Even if the Crystal Grain is cultivated under exactly the same conditions, no bacteria or mold appears. General culture soil has hundreds of millions of parameters and includes ingredients that inhibit growth. Crystal Grain has only dozens of parameters necessary for plant growth, so it is possible to achieve stable cultivation with few failures.

The grown plants are large and nutritious.



A 21 cm deep pot can grow 20 cm long carrots weighing 240 g.

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